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Hong Kong Embassy in Pakistan

Hong Kong is one of most popular destination among the travellers from all over the world including Pakistan. One of major attraction for travelling to Hong Kong is the business. Hong Kong has become a business hub like Singapore and Dubai. Businessmen, manufacturers, and investors visit Hong Kong every year.

Hong Kong Embassy Islamabad

The only Hong Kong Embassy in Pakistan is in Islamabad. Hong Kong Embassy in Islamabad is located in the Diplomatic Enclave G5 area where you can find all other embassies as well. Hong Kong Embassy is Pakistan is quite a busy place as the business community in Pakistan love to travel to Hong Kong. Moreover, due to recent development in Pak China relationship and CPEC, the demand for Hong Kong Visa from Pakistan has increased up to many folds.

Hong Kong Embassy Working Hours and Holidays

Hong Kong Embassy in Islamabad remains whole open year except on Public Holidays in Islamabad or China. During the New Year festival in China, Hong Kong Embassy in Pakistan opens only for a limited time or remains closed.

Normal working hours for Hong Kong Embassy in Pakistan are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Then there’s a break of 2 hours and 30 minutes for lunch, and then Hong Kong Embassy in Islamabad opens again at 2:30 PM for two hours, i.e., it closes its doors for the general public at 4:30 PM. Timings are the same from Monday to Friday. If you want to apply for Hong Kong Visa, keep in view the opening and closing time and also the lunch break time otherwise you will have to wait for hours.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • Photocopy set of complete Passport (Including all previous passports).
  • Two Passport Size Pictures (White Background)
  • Visa Application Form Duly Filled By Applicant.
  • Personal Bank Statement Last 6 Months
  • Business Bank Statement Last 6 Month (In Case of Self Employee/Business/Partnership)
  • Visa Request Letter on Letterhead (Addressed to The Director, Immigration Department, Hong Kong).
  • Photocopy of National Tax Number certificate.
  • “Cathay Pacific” Air Ticket (Once The Visa Issued Ticket Will Be Non Refundable).
  • Photocopy of Credit Cards.
  • Travel Cheques.
  • Photocopy of Chamber of Commerce membership certificate.
  • Visa Validity: 1 to 3 Months
    Duration of Stay: 14 to 30 Days
  • Processing Time: 6 to 8 Weeks

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IDiplomatic Enclave, Ramna 4
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone: +92-51-8355016
Fax: +92-51-2279600

Consulate General of Pakistan, Hong Kong

Room 803-04, 8/Floor
Tung Wai Commercial Building
109-111 Gloucester Road
Wanchai Hong Kong
Phone: +852-28270295, +852-28270245
Fax: +852-28276786


Hong Kong Visa Requirements

Hong Kong Tourist Visa requirements are more like a business requirement because Hong Kong is a business hub now and it is the favourite destination for Business travellers. If you want to apply for a Hong Kong tourist visa, you must have a sound bank statement before you apply for a Hong Kong Visa.

Get your original passport with photocopies. If you have previous passports, don’t forget to take them with you as well with photocopy sets. Apart from Passport, you will be required at least two passport sized photographs which must have the white background. Don’t forget to bring your bank statement for the last six months. If applying for a business tour then bank statement must be of your business account. Also, the minimum balance that you must have in your account is Rs. 200,000.

You must write a Hong Kong Visa request letter on your business letterhead addressing to Director of Immigration Department of Hong Kong. It’s better to attach your business card as well. For legal proof of your business, you must submit a photocopy of National Tax Registration certificate where your NTN will be mentioned.

Sometimes you are also required to submit some extra documents like a confirmed return ticket which assure them about the duration of your stay in Hong Kong. Paid vouchers to show your hotel booking to double check your stay duration. Moreover, if you are going through Travel Agency, then you may also be required to submit an undertaking from the Travel Agent on the agency letterhead.

Once you have all the required documents for Hong Kong visit visa, you can submit your Hong Kong Visa application by filing the Hong Kong visa form. Hong Kong Visa form can be downloaded from the website, or you can get a copy from any travel agent. Get your Hong Kong visa form filled dully and entirely and submit it with the Hong Kong visa application. Normal Hong Kong visa processing time after submission of Hong Kong visa application is 4 to 6 weeks so apply well before time if you are planning to visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong visa fees and Hong Kong visa charges charged by the travel agents are often non-refundable. If your Hong Kong visa application gets rejected for any reason, you will not be able to claim back Hong Kong visa fees, and Hong Kong visa charges that you paid to the travel agent. However, visa application rejection ratio and risk are too low if you have submitted the application with complete documents and correct details.

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